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About Divinely Aligned Holistic Healing

Diane, the owner, grew up at the Jersey Shore and spent much of her time outdoors embracing all that the beach environment had to offer throughout all four distinct seasons of the year.

She went to Villanova University in Pennsylvania and received her Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

She subsequently spent some time in NYC working at a brokerage firm until she married and relocated to Baltimore, Maryland.

She was enjoying life in the Mid-Atlantic until her husband was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma and she avidly sought non traditional alternative measures to facilitate his healing process. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the cancer and she found herself back in school at The Johns Hopkins University where she received a Masters of Arts in Teaching.

She relocated to Atlanta and has remained on the path of holistic healing and teaching for the past twenty years.

She currently lives and practices in Georgia and has three teenage sons and two dogs.

Keeping the Body, Mind and Spirit in alignment are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Non-invasive healing modalities of Reiki, Reflexology, Yoga and Nutritional Counseling as well as Spiritual Guidance are key in maintaining optimal health and wellness.

*REIKI-certified Usui Reiki Master 

*REFLEXOLOGY-certified in Foot and Hand      

*YOGA-certified RYS 200



*Additional Certifications: AHA Heartsaver CPR, PULSE/PEMF, BIOMATS, CYMA THERAPIES

Resources/Suggested Reading




Dr. David Lee D.C., PhD., C. Ad at Wellness Revolution Club provides great holistic health care to those in the Atlanta area.

Dr. Mercola provides up to date information about natural news and health information.

Find out more about Reflexology and all of the benefits and how it stimulates nerve function and increases energy though the RAA.

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